Wednesday, 2 August 2017


  It matters not how strait the gate, 
  How charged with punishments the scroll,

  I am the master of my fate, 
  I am the captain of my soul. 

As with so many things, it is the ego that gets in the way of exemplary behaviour. Non-exemplary behaviour involves putting oneself first without having a good reason to do so. This can be wilful - people stealing or deliberately choosing the biggest portion. Or it can be unconscious or unintentional - people being loud without consideration for others on the train.

It is the tentacle not realising it is part of the Centre. If one is aware of the connection, then exemplary behaviour is automatic - it doesn’t require deliberation, just as the different parts of the body automatically work together for the common good.

The KARMA PROJECT showed it can be done. Take over the causes and the effects take care of themselves (Diet and lose weight?)
The current PROJECT, EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOUR, shows what should be done in order to be happy and help others be happy.
The next project indicates the route to humanity's destiny.      -Gnome



  1. he Prime Minister has said people should stop criticising and start helping. Not unreasonable. Certainly prime ministers, ordinary people and the world itself all need help.
    The more you have, the more you see. The more you see, the more you seem to acquire a sense of responsibility to do something.

  2. How does one separate seeing the bad state of things and having to try to do something about it and the irresponsibly ignoring it?
    We have a friend in Colchester whose life is in a dreadful state. Sure, he brought it upon himself - to some extent (or to every extent?).
    There is so much one can do in a week but a month or two later it's all back to square one (which sometimes makes me think, why do we bother?)

    Seeing the causes, I can see that dealing with the effects invariably comes to nothing.
    Trying to get to the cause doesn't bring about any argument, just a blank non-understanding.

  3. One can help to a degree. Amelioration. But no-one can be seriously helped if he continues to sow the causes which produce the effects which manifest as his suffering.

    All causes are traceable back to Ethics. Don’t do to other living beings what you don’t want done to yourself.

  4. As an observer, you practise this yourself.
    As a would-be helper, you share it wuth others. Then it’s up to them. If they choose the hard way (fisherman becomes fish), then that's the way they will learn. But learn they will have to.
    Eternity really is eternal.

  5. “If we have a clear understanding of what constitutes good exemplary behaviour, we will recognise behaviour that sets a bad example.

    The basis of good behaviour is Ethics. And Ethics is, quite simply, not doing to other beings what you would not like done to yourself.

    Apply this definition to the world in which we live and you will see what a terrible state it is in.

    Infected by Ego, individuals, groups and nations pursue separatist points of view resulting in A versus B situations everywhere. And, accompanying this, appalling cruelty to animals and a polluted earth.

    To be exemplary in a good way, behaviour needs to be absolutely pure – in public and in private.

    That is, behaving well for its own sake, not for some concealed selfish motivation.

    For various reasons, there is a lot of apparent good behaviour in the form of role-playing. Some of this is not harmful if, as a by-product or even an intention, it benefits others. But it doesn’t benefit the role-player if it is just an outward show. The inner state is the key: When genuine, happiness is the result.

    But usually, such role-playing is to gain some advantage, such as making a good impression on others (gilding one’s image), or to curry favour, or even as part of a confidence trick. But it does not bring happiness.

    To be happy, one’s behaviour has to be the real thing and one’s conscience must be absolutely clear.”

  6. When the CENTRE and its tentacles have been seen and recognised, how can you not have exemplary good behaviour?

    When the EGO is spotted and not allowed in, how can you not have exemplary good behaviour and be happy?

  7. Exemplary behaviour is an expression of Love. It comes naturally from a pure Heart.

    Seeing things as they are, seeing the Centre and its tentacles, seeing Suffering - results in responses rooted in reality (rather than egoic illusion) and manifests in exemplary ethical behaviour; simply not doing to any other living being what you would not like done to yourself.

    The clearer the seeing the more it stops the pendulum swing of conflict; human versus animal, Christian versus Moslem, victim versus aggressor, me versus you... manifesting in Universal Love which does not judge or condemn and shines through exemplary compassionate behaviour to help beings come out of suffering. (If beings cannot be helped to see; suffering will be their teacher.)

    Thus exemplary behaviour is both a portal to Peace and is Peace in action.

  8. Exemplary behaviour is behaviour which is correct and proper at that particular moment in time. However, a constant strand that should run through one's actions is 'not doing unto other beings what one doesn't want done to oneself' (i.e. Ethics). This includes NOT trying to force one's help on others who don't WANT one's help (you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink). This will often backfire, and have the opposite effect.

    Exemplary behaviour requires a high degree of awareness because situations are always changing. However, having a decent moral code of conduct, like the 5 precepts, is a great help. It stops one from having to think too much about one's actions. One behaves in an exemplary manner, not because one wants praise or for people to like one, but because it's the right thing to do.

  9. Exemplary behaviour can be seen everywhere, all the time. The choice of whether to follow that behaviour is entirely up to oneself. Therefore, awareness is very important. When you notice your own behaviour, you can change it if necessary.

  10. Exemplary behaviour can be taught by parents, schools, institutions etc or it can be self taught by people who realise that if they behave well then their lives will be much easier and they will get what they want etc. Both these methods can have very beneficial results but it leads to a world where people who behave very well towards others in their group, social class, race, the rest of humanity may think nothing of eating meat or mistreating animals.

    Only if, as has been said, the basis of good behaviour is Ethics, then Exemplary Behaviour really is 100 %.

  11. Exemplary behaviour is the natural state. If all is one there is no ego, no separateness, no competition or conflict, no judgement and no resentment. All is harmonious and just as it should be.