Tuesday, 8 November 2016


If you keep drifting off on your way home on the motorway, it may take longer than you expected. (You may even end up at an unexpected destination sooner.)

'The Tendency of the Mind to Drift '- Project picture comment.

Forks in the road are presenting themselves all the time, big and small, and each one has its consequences for ourselves and others. Driving on motorways and byways (and no-go-ways) gives a clear visual image of the mechanics of this. Our movement through Life (Life is always moving) 
demands a response, even if it is only a frustrated attempt to stop moving.

There are three levels of location on which these forks in the road appear:

The physical, where our bodies are: longitude and latitide, in a town, a house, an aeroplane, a workplace, a school...
The mental, where our mind is: thoughts, mental images, points of view, a job, beliefs, memories, plans, emotions, relationships...
The spiritual, our ethics (or non-ethics).

They interact with each other, often are in conflict.

Our ethics (or non-ethics) is a (semi) invisible component in almost every single choice of direction we make. And its consequences. If it is non-ethics, i.e. incorrect ethics, our choices will be contaminated from the start and will always lead us astray, and, ultimately to disaster.

Check your past, present and future life and those of other beings and see if this is true...