Monday, 21 February 2011

More of the same...

If your hand is on the wheel, you are in control.  You may still drive into a brick wall.  But the responsibility is clear.  If your hand is not on the wheel, either someone else's hand is, or there is no hand on the wheel.  In this case the responsibility is still the same.  But it is not so clear.


Monday, 14 February 2011


Mind comes first. Intention precedes action. Intention is based on viewpoint. Viewpoints can be correct or incorrect; wholesome or unwholesome.  Karma results from everything we think, say and do, trivial or important.  It's a good idea to be aware of underlying intentions and viewpoints so that we can take control of the karmic chain which results.  We can then protect ourselves (and others) from undesirable consequences.

NEW PROJECT: More of the same.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


There are those who want to move further out into becoming and those who want to return to the Centre and the permanent end of suffering.

Communications from the world lead out into the world.

Communications from the Centre point back towards the Centre.

Projects indicate lines of enquiry and practice which are in tune with Centre.

Poetry harnesses the Centre's latent creativity and makes known the existence of the Centre.

           The splendour of a hundred kings
           like the bloom on a butterfly’s wings.
           The meanest flower that blows
           goes the same way the forest goes.
           All is consumed by worm or fire;
           nothing needs building any higher.
          The rattling of teeth within the jaw
           mocks the tongue murmuring: “Please, some more!”

New Project: "WHAT IS MY AIM?"  (Anything, everything, everywhere, anywhere, all the time and especially now.)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Vipakha kamma means resultant kamma.  All kamma has results.  It is cause and effect.  Vipakha kamma focuses on the result.  Particularly on the karmic results we inherit in the present.

Sometimes we go through a bad patch and things are not going well, but there seems to be no obvious cause. Of course there is a cause, it's just that we can't remember it or can't make the connection between "doing this" and getting that".  Particularly, if it was done a long time ago, in a previous life perhaps.  If we can't see any way of doing anything about it but realise that it is the result of previous kamma, we can put up with it more easily.  We can therefore avoid negative states of mind and responses.  Otherwise our negative responses would result in the creation of more kamma and would prolong an undesirable chain of events.

The Juggler throws his batons at the sun.
The sky throws them back again
like rain,
each and every one.

Surely by now he knows what it is he’s gaining?

Come Mr Juggler,
look at it from your point of view,
just how long has it been raining?

On you?