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CONSCIENCE: Con = together, in common.  SCIENCE = knowing, knowledge. Therefore, Knowledge in Common, COMMON KNOWLEDGE. From deep down inside. Not superficial individual or group knowledge. Compare Common-sense.

Most knowledge is concerned with My/Our best interests. I /WE WANT IT.
Real COMMON KNOWLEDGE is concerned with RIGHT and WRONG.   IT’S NOT YOURS.

So where does the UNFINISHED BUSINESS come in?

KNOW is a SENSE. Just as SEE is a sense. Senses are activated when there is a relevant OBJECT.
What do you see? I see a tree. If there were no tree, you wouldn’t see it.
What do you know? What are you conscious of? Unfinished business. If there were no unfinished business, you wouldn't know/be conscious of it.

Unfinished business?
What you have started and not finished.
Uncompleted cycles.
What others have started, which it is your responsibility to finish.
Things you have done, which you shouldn’t have done (started), and not put right (finished).
Things you have not done, which you should have done and not put right (by doing them).

If you see a tree and close your eyes, you will say you don’t see it. But don’t say it isn’t there. With your eyes closed, you are likely to walk into it.
If there is unfinished business (an acorn that you planted?) and you close your inner seeing eye, you can say you don’t see it. But don’t say it isn’t there. 

        It is easier to chop down
an acorn
than an oak. 

The branch you bang
your head on
is an acorn
that you missed.   

(Don’t put it off too long or the tree might become old enough and big enough to fall on top of you!) 

Unfinished business from the Past creates the Future and leaves no room for the Present.  Hören Sie gut zu, Mr. Eckhart?



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