Tuesday, 5 December 2017



Ethics is the final preliminary to the human destiny stage.

Of itself, it can take a human all the way to freedom from suffering.

One step further is Awakening.

The tentacle, emptied of Ego viewpoints, is just an eye for the Centre itself. The function of the tentacle is, therefore, just to see accurately, so that the Centre sees accurately. It is then the Centre, with all its resources, that responds, not the tentacle.

Obviously if the tentacle is a doctor and the seeing is a road accident, he will respond with his individual skills, too.

But for the seeing of major expanses of evil and suffering, which can cause even the most able and compassionate man to lose heart (There’s nothing I can do! or even Nothing can be done!), accurate seeing is all that is required. The resources of the Centre respond. The burden of responsibility is removed from the individual tentacle.

The final, and intended, stage of human development is reached.

Q. And what about the Egoistic knowledge of outside that we have relied upon for so long for our responses to the world outside?
A. It is replaced by conscience = knowing from within (i.e. from the Centre itself) e.g. What is on your plate?

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