Friday, 23 September 2016


Tennis is a game. A game is for enjoyment and recreation.
Knocking up WITH someone, you stop just as soon as you’ve had enough in the Present. Then you go off and enjoy yourself doing something else.
Playing tennis AGAINST someone is not playing for enjoyment and recreation. It is not “playing tennis” at all. It is competing to WIN. Purely for EGO. Once the stakes get higher (i.e. for money), it is fighting to win. The language used to report it reveals this: “Murray fought back from two sets down” and the behaviour and language of the players on court emphasises it. 
Instead of enjoyment, you get Egoic victory and excitement if you win and Egoic defeat and despair if you lose. You don’t know which it will be until it finishes and you can’t  “stop just as soon as you’ve had enough in the Present”. You have to wait until it’s over. The “game” might last hours and all the time victory or defeat lie in the Future, i.e. thoughts in the mind.
Even the spectators get contaminated by this, especially when the stakes are high. They experience excitement or despair since they tend to identify (ego again) with one or other of the players.
Why do we waste our time on all this? We don’t. EGO wastes OUR TIME
Then he stores it in our memories to fashion his CV.


                    My task
            (and yours)
            (and always has been)
             to get rid of you and me
             to get rid of us and them
             to get rid of was and will be
             to get rid of should and should not
             to get rid of might and mightn’t
            (and always has been)
             to wake up
             from the dreams of our identities
             and find ourselves
             where we have always been
             where we have always been.


Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452, and there was no Holland and Barrett in those days, but he was far in advance of most people today and refused all animal food because of his deep compassion for animals. He fully realised the implications of the barbaric carnivorous diet for every other creature on earth.  In his Notebooks (published by Oxford University Press) he describes the human carnivore as follows:

“'King of Animals', as thou has been described. I should rather say, ‘King of Beasts’, thou being the greatest, because thou dost only help them in order that they may give thee thy children for the benefit of thy gullet of which thou hast tried to make a sepulchre for all animals.---Now does not Nature produce enough simple vegetarian food for thee to satisfy thyself? And if thou art not content with such, canst thou not by the mixture of them make infinite compounds as Platina describes, and other writers on food.”

Leonardo accurately predicted the present day destruction of the environment and the abuse of all living creatures - In a section of his Notebooks, entitled Prophesies, he states:

“Of the cruelty of men---Creatures shall be seen on earth who will always be fighting one with another, with the greatest losses and frequent deaths on either side. There will be no bounds to their malice; by their strong limbs a great portion of the trees in the vast forests of the world shall be laid low, and when they are filled with food the gratification of their desire shall be to deal out death, affliction, labour, terror and banishment to every living thing; and from their boundless pride they will desire to rise towards heaven, but their excessive weight of their limbs shall hold them down, Nothing shall remain on the earth or under the earth or in the waters that shall not be pursued, disturbed,  or spoiled, and that which is in one country removed into another. And their bodies shall be made a tomb and the means of transit of all the living bodies which they have slain. O earth. Why dost thou not open up and hurl them into the deep fissures of thy vast abysses and caverns, and no longer display in the sight of heaven so cruel and vile a monster?”  

Leonardo’s Notebooks (published by Oxford University Press)


  1. Dschunghis Khan - Dschungel Wahn*

    It´s not Tarzan who sees and helps.
    It´s the tempter who screams and yelps:
    Ugh, ugh, ugh
    let me entangle you with thoughts.

    Come you monkeys
    grab the liana - jump from tree to tree.
    Spin your view points, more opinions
    until you get dizzy.

    * Dschinghis Khan = Genghis Khan
    * Dschungel Wahn = jungle madness


    Humans are so proud
    (and so abject)
    so talented
    (and so inept);
    so human.

    In their evolution towards the Light
    they have ceilinged out
    at a level which condemns them
    to the visible Prison
    of the Human Body
    and the invisible Prison
    of the Human Mind.

    Trapped in the illusion of
    Freedom TO.
    Unaware of the escape route
    of Freedom FROM.


    I am at the end of my tether!
    What will happen?
    Oh, thank God!
    And what about Me?

  4. EGO
    was bored...
    created a mirror
    to contemplate himself in

    was bored ...
    broke the mirror
    into a thousand pieces
    each of which was a mirror,
    showing a thousand suns
    contemplating himself in

    was bored...

    Repeat ad infinitum (or longer).

  5. The Jungle tangles less
    If you keep your hands out of it

    The Monkeys will always cry
    And fight over the trees

    Leave them the trees
    And keep the fire bright

  6. If
    you pull
    the cork
    out of a really shy young man,

    you get a raving

  7. The Jungle is on fire
    everything burning!
    Hopes, dreams, memories;
    judgement, arrogance, conceit.
    Greed, wanting, viewpoints;
    names, labels, deceit.
    Thought upon thought
    knot upon knot;
    Everything in Time is burning!
    Revealing that which cannot burn
    is Timeless here and now;
    without discrimination
    without thought
    without movement
    No fuel here for the egoic fire
    At One - God not lower or higher.