Tuesday, 24 January 2012



The Laws in a given system are co-extensive with that system. They limit my Freedom to (do what I want) and interfere with my Freedom from (outside influences).

If one goes outside the system, its laws disappear. If one enters another system, one will meet another set of laws.

As Newton discovered with the help of an apple (though Adam had beaten him to it with the help of Eve), gravity is a fundamental law in the system which is the earth as we know it.

However high you jump, this spinning sphere drags you back down. However high you throw your apple, it will come hurtling back (though, unlike Newton, you can move your head).

But, as the astronauts have shown, if you can generate enough power and move off at the correct angle, you can escape this spinning system we call the earth and be free from its law of gravity. Then you are in a different system and can travel in a straight line forever (or at least until some other spinning system (some other Eve?) acts upon you and drags you in (and down).


Freedom from is another way of saying Peace.
If you were to be completely still and refrain from impinging on anything, physical or mental, anything in the world would not impinge upon you. You would experience the freedom from being impinged upon, being affected by, discomforted by, bothered by, attracted by, hurt by; in short, from suffering.

Freedom to is another way of saying Power.
Power is the handmaiden of Desire. Freedom to is the power to fulfil your desires. Unfortunately, since others exist, it may be that your desires conflict with their desires. Then it would be just a question of who has the greatest power and therefore the greatest freedom to.

If you were to enter the Centre by refraining from any action whatsoever, physical or mental, you would achieve Perfect Peace, Perfect Freedom from.
You would also achieve Perfect Freedom to because, in the Centre, there is absolutely no desire to do anything whatsoever. One's power to achieve what one wants is unimpeded because there is absolutely nothing one wants. There are also no others.

The ultimate Freedom from is, among other things, Freedom from Freedom to. This is a perfect definition of Perfection itself.

                              Of the  BODY
                              For the MIND
                              Of the  SPIRIT