Monday, 26 September 2011


Since the natural state of beings is happiness and they become unhappy by choosing to think, say and do things which lead to unhappiness, it is hard to imagine what one might do to help them out.

If one were seen to fill one's watering can and walk to an already full pond and empty it carefully in it and, on being asked what one was doing, one replied, "helping to make the fish wet"; it might be thought that one was wet oneself or at least in need of help.

If there were fish flapping around on the dry land next to the pond, it might seem sensible to throw them back in. But if they had spent a lot of time and effort in struggling to jump out of the pond in order to further their careers, like oneself, on dry land, one's efforts might go unappreciated.

No. The answer is that, since their natural state is happiness and they leave it of their own freewill, the really helpful thing to do is to avoid doing anything which might cause them inconvenience or nudge them out of their natural state. That is the half of it.

The other half is, without any kind of ostentation, to generate from one's heart, wherever one is, indiscriminate goodwill towards all beings, without any expectation of appreciation.

The role model is the radiator in the hall; maintained, fully functioning and full on, it warms the house whether we are aware of the source of heat or not. And it is quite oblivious of being appreciated or not.

Like that other radiator in the sky. The sun shines on the good and the bad, the deserving and the undeserving. The rich and the poor.

In a world which has become very cold indeed everywhere with the coldness of misery and poverty and war and disease caused by beings wilfully turning their backs on their natural state - happiness.