Monday, 19 September 2011



You can say The Girl IS Jill. You can't say The Girl IS a Boy. Not unless you mean that you had always thought Jill was a girl but now discover that she has been a boy all along. That is, you are saying that the boy is a boy, which makes sense. Boys are boys and girls are girls.

Here IS Now follows the same rule. It must mean that they are not different. You thought that Here referred to the dimension of Space, and Now referred to the dimension of Time, and that they were different dimensions. But now, you are being told that they are the same, that they must, in some way refer to the same dimension.

The mystery is solved when one realises that Time does not exist.

When we look for Time, all that we see are movements through Space: hands turning on a clock; sand trickling through an hour glass; heavenly bodies moving through space; molecules coming together as things come into existence and grow; falling apart as things "decay" and "die".

For millions of years we lived in the present and had no knowledge of or need for "Time". We did not anticipate a tomorrow and our experience was that "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." We "laboured not neither did we spin", "Yet I say unto you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these" (lilies).

Now we cannot do without our invention of Time. The servant has become the master. We work harder and harder to keep up with first the hour hand; then the minute hand; then the second hand. We are like lemmings; like Wildebeest breathless in our haste to meet the crocodiles of Serengeti as soon as possible, yet terrified of the inevitability of meeting them.

When we stop movement and sit completely STILL, mind and body, Time, which never existed and which we have invented, completely disappears.

    the space between movements
    the crack in the universe
    the gloved hand
    with the art
    to pull apart
    two thin life stitches
    and let a stab of nothing in.

This is Eternity, in which there is no "Time" and even "Now" becomes irrelevant.