Monday, 11 April 2011



KILESAS, like actors and criminals, appear in disguise, sometimes with masks depicting virtues:

GREED as NEED or entitlement to my share.

HATE as the perception of someone else's faults and a humanitarian impulse to make him aware of them and firmly help him change for the better or in the name of justice get rid of him altogether. (He deserves it).

DELUSION as VISION of how much better things could be if people listened to me. Or how much better they actually are if they looked at them from my point of view.

CONCEIT as HUMILITY (in contrast to the pride of others) or justified pride in genuine achievement (in contrast to the sniping of those who would if they could but don't appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this).

VIEWPOINTS as TRUTH. The way I see it is how it is. The way it is is how I see it. (It is I who can see things as they are. Others have viewpoints).

DOUBT as DESIRE for CERTAINTY and TRUTH. It would be silly to commit myself before I am sure.

MENTAL TORPOR as THE NEED for a rest or as a SUBLIME STATE - Samadhi, Nirodha.

RESTLESSNESS as INVESTIGATION, CURIOSITY, the need to move on, energy, the Life Force.

SHAMELESSNESS as my right to FREEDOM to be as I am, to be the way I was made, (to do what I am strong enough to get away with).

MORAL RECKLESSNESS as my right to FREEDOM to follow my desires and do what I want.